A little Royal help for Hodge Lea

Councillor Robert Middleton has called on Her Majesty the Queen and the Lord Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire to help get Hodge Lea meeting place open again.

The meeting place has been boarded up for several years, much to the annoyance of residents who would like to see it used again.

In a strange twist, it was discovered that the building is actually owned by the Crown Estate. The community centre was originally owned by MK Council but then given over to a resident management group. But after the building fell into disuse it transferred, on a legal technicality, to the Crown Estate.

Cllr Rob Middleton and the local community want to bring the building back into community use. He has been in touch with the Crown Estate's representatives who frustratingly have demanded MKC pay £5000 plus legal costs to purchase back the building they owned in the first place.

So, Rob has written to the Queen and Lord Lieutenant for the county asking for their help to resolve the issue:

“Residents are working hard to get the meeting place back in action but then we hit a hurdle. I was surprised to discover that the building is now owned by the Crown Estate on behalf of the Queen.

“So, after a great year celebrating the Jubilee I have written to the Queen to ask her to help us celebrate on Hodge Lea by gifting the building back to community. I hope that a bit of Royal assistance can get the building back in use again.”