Adult social care and health budget savings must be ring-fenced.

On Monday 15 October councillors on the Budget Review Group  received a presentation ‘summarising the budgetary issues which will affect the Council’s Medium Term Financial Planning’. The report says that Milton Keynes will face a 40% increase in older people aged over 75 in the next 5 years.    

On Wednesday 17 October the single party Council Cabinet will receive a report on the spending outturn after 6 months of the financial year. This shows on pages 61 and 62 that there is a £1.069 million underspend on adult care and health services. The detail of this can then be found in annex A on page 89.

Cllr Long, Chair of the Health and Adult social care select committee said “It would appear that the Tory Council is making savings at the expense of the adult social care services. There are savings identified of:

  • £369,000 against older peoples services,
  • £300,000 against disable peoples services,
  • £359,000 against learning disability
  • £75,000 against mental health
  • £116,000 saved again the community alarm and sheltered housing services.” 

Cllr Long believes that these savings should not be used to balance the books in other areas of council services but should be ‘put to one side’ or ‘ring-fenced’ and used to ensure there are no cuts in services for older people or the disabled in next years budget.

Cllr Long concluded “I am placing a motion before the next council meeting to ring-fence the £1.069 million to protect these services. I think that is right and fair.”