Allocation of Council and Social Housing Review.


The rules governing who is allocated a council or social housing property are to be reviewed if the Housing and Communities select committee gives the go ahead on Thursday 26 July.

The setting up of a review group will allow the Council to consider moving away from its existing ‘hidden’ waiting list to an open and transparent allocation process.

The review will consider:

  • The option of choice based allocations
  • How allocations might work across the Council, housing association and private sectors.
  • How a balance between severe housing needs, such as homelessness and local needs can be met.
  • What criteria might be used to allocate the new ‘affordable rent’ properties and who will be able to choose such housing or be able to access social rented housing.

The review has been  promoted by select committee chair Steve Coventry, who has long championed the need to open up and change how the city’s rented housing is allocated.    

Cllr Steve Coventry said, “The much needed review of how the Council and its partners in the social and private rented sectors allocate rented housing is a big step forward. We have the chance to open up and improve the current closed system, to offer more choice and to do more to meet different local housing needs.”

The all-party review group will seek evidence from people and organisations across Milton Keynes and will work over the summer to deliver its report by the autumn.

Cllr Coventry concluded, “We will want to talk with tenants, the homeless, older and disabled  people, low paid workers  and key organisations such Shelter, CAB, housing associations and private sector providers. Getting allocations right will help meet the city’s severe housing need and help to make the case for more rented homes and a fairer access to them.”