Are the lights still going out all over MK?

There is concern that grid road and redway lights are being turned off on the  quiet by the Tory Council as it continues to cut budgets.


Oldbrook community campaigner Cllr Paul Williams has brought the problem to the attention of Labour councillor Nigel Long.


Cllr Paul Williams said “Following a complaints from several residents, I  had a look and I can confirm there are in fact 26 lights not functioning. This includes the main redway along Chaffron Way and paths coming off it, including the redway behind the Christian Centre and the pathway leading to The Oval. “


He added, “The pathway behind the Christian Centre is a particular concern, as it's a very enclosed area.”  


Cllr Long has written to Tory lighting boss John Bint, asking him to clarify the position.


Cllr Long said, “I am aware that there have been a number of areas that have lost lights recently such as at the dangerous and busy Elfield roundabout and on the V7 Saxon Street between Fishermead and Oldbrook.   It is beginning to look like they are turning some off lights on the quiet. Or that poor maintenance arising from lower levels of repair, renewal or checking are starting to increase the number of grid road and redway lighting that is defective.”


Cllr Paul Williams concluded, “I meet a lot of people in the Oldbrook area and many are concerned at the loss of the grid road and redway lights. This further loss of lighting is bad news. I hope the Council can sort it out.”