Ask the Residents: Fast Road consultation.


Residents of six roads in West Bletchley are to be consulted about the introduction of 20 mph speed limits, if proposals are agreed by the West Bletchley Parish Council’s Planning and Environment Committee on Monday 16 January.

Cllr Mick Legg, who chairs the “20 mph Speed Limit Trial working group” [1] said “The working group  needs to be convinced about the case for 20 mph on roads. The idea came from a councillor who got some media coverage then failed to turn up at meetings because of widespread resident opposition to his proposal. In his absence I was elected to chair the group and I believe the best answer is to ask the residents about how best to deal with speeding cars and look at all options available to the Council.”

The evidence points to a large number of cars breaking the 30 mph speed limit on key roads:

  • Whalley Drive.       47%
  • Westminster          15%
  • Shenley Road        39%
  • Rickley Lane          22%
  • Melrose Avenue     17%
  • Church Green        9%

 Cllr Nigel Long, who lives on Shenley Road added, “A number of drivers go too fast. No doubt about it, but I am not convinced that a 20 mph limit is the best approach and it is almost certainly unenforceable.”

Cllr Mick Legg, who is a member of the Planning and Environment Committee and recognised as an expert on these matters, believes that there is an issue of fast traffic breaking speed limits but wants to see a full and proper consultation on the best way to deal with these matters. He concluded, “I want to see a sensible solution  put in place to tackle speeding cars in all situations. I do not think 20 mph is the right approach. I believe we must ask the residents and work out, in a considered way, the best answers. That is what I will be proposing full consultation.”

[1] Green councillor Tony Mabbott who raised the issue in a press release did not attend the working group when it last met and  since was challenged by angry residents at a Parish Council meeting over the 20 mph limit.