Campaign to save our NHS

RE: Campaign needed to save our National Health Service


It is now very clear that the National Health Service faces a range of really serious challenges. We know that it:


  • Faces £20 Billion in cuts nationally
  • That hospital services locally may be lost as a result of the Acute Services Review
  • That the move to GP commissioning may create a two tier health system in Milton Keynes
  • That privatisation is at the core of the Health Bill going through Parliament.

 The NHS has been a huge success story over many years. We are not like America where millions have no access to good healthcare and each year thousands lose their homes to pay health bills.


We do not want the Coalition Government   to dismantle our NHS. A group of local residents are coming together to save and improve our NHS.


We will also look at the important links to social care. We know that it is privatisation that has led to insecurity in the world of care homes and that it was the privatisation of hospital cleaning that contributed to dirty wards and diseases like MRSA. It is wrong to put profits before the health and care needs of people.


We are holding a planning meeting to establish the ‘Save the NHS campaign’ on Wednesday 3 August at the Civic Offices. Starting at 7.00pm we will consider how we can best protect and improve our NHS.    


Yours sincerely



Cllr Nigel Long.                   Peter Ballantyne.    Dr Arun Vaidyanathan.