Campaign Update mid May 09

Can you join us for some campaigning on Saturday 23rd May?

Meeting at 10.30am at Woughton Parish Council Offices 33-37 Farthing Grove Netherfield. Liz Homans MEP candidate, Jo Wood a former MEP candidate and Phyllis Starkey MP will all be there. Can you join them?

Peter Skinner MEP will be in Milton Keynes campaigning on the afternoon and the evening of Tuesday 26th May. More details to follow, but put it in your diary now!

We have thousands of letters and leaflets that need delivering in the next two weeks. Can you help. Any offers much appreciated. Kevin on 07702 114259 for more information

If you are one of the 25,000 people in Milton Keynes with a Postal Ballot for the European Elections you should be receiving this over the next day or two. Return it as soon as possible. The date for applying for a Postal Vote has now past.

We will be operating an election day organisation on June 4th. More details coming soon.