Congestion Nightmare on Redgrave Drive.


Residents of Oxley Park are despairing about the parking congestion around Redgrave Drive.

Matters are coming to a head for residents as the area outside the Oxley Park primary school.

The school on Redgrave Drive, opposite the local shops and next to the Community Centre and Sure Start centre is becoming more congested daily and it can only be a matter of time before a young person is injured in a car accident.

Emerson Valley resident and Community campaigner Mohammed Khan has spoken to residents and to the Head teacher. He is concerned that the problem arise from very poor planning of the area around the school, the centres  and the shops.

Mohammed Khan said, “I was asked my residents to try and sort out the parking/ congestion mess around the school. I want to see a review of the area and consideration given to changing the access and paring arrangements.” 

Mohammed believes that matters can only get worse as Oxley Park continues to grow with more new building due to start soon.

He has asked local councillor Nigel Long to raise the problem with Milton Keynes Council. Cllr Long has written to Tory roads boss John Bint suggesting a site visit and a review of the road. 

Mohammed Khan concluded, “The problems outside the school, especially at peak school times are a nightmare. Action is needed before someone gets hurt.”