Council Busses Boss backs Big 43% Budget Bounce in Concessionary Fares for Young People.

Bus fares for young people are to rise by 43% if Conservative plans set out in their Budget for Milton Keynes Council are passed.   


The Council’s Budget Review Group meeting on Monday 16 January saw Council Buses Boss Cllr John Bint cross-examined over his plans for a big hike in concessionary bus fares for young people aged under 19. The junior concessionary fares will rise by 15 pence per journey.


This means a young person travelling daily by bus from Wolverton to Haseley  school will pay 30p more per day or 1.50 per week. Over a school year this would be an extra cost of about £60.00 per year.


Labour Opposition Leader Cllr Norman Miles said “When you are a young person dependent on the buses £60 is a lot of money. We feel that we should be encouraging young people to use the buses for work, college or school and leisureThis thoroughly mean proposal will hit the pockets of not only some of the poorest young people but also put young people off using the buses. As Oscar Wilde would have observed   “Cllr Bint knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.”


Labour was proud that is negotiated the introduction of concessionary fares for young people and is concerned that short sighted actions by the Tories will hurt people.


Cllr Miles concluded, “The total saving is £139,000. We will push to restore this money to the budget. We will reduce Tory spending on consultants and invest instead in helping the cities young people.”