Council owned ex-Nunnery left empty for 3 years

For over three years a large council house, that was home to a group of nuns, in Bradville, has remained empty.


The large property has been left empty while the Council has spent thousands of pounds placing homeless families in Bed and Breakfast in places such as Luton and Wellingborough.


Long standing Bradville resident and community campaigner, Margaret Burke is calling for the property to be brought back into use.


Margaret Burke said, “It is a disgrace that the Council has left this very large property empty when there is a desperate need for housing locally and when families have been forced to stay in poor quality, expensive bed and breakfast outside of Milton Keynes.”


Margaret Burke wants the Council to consult with local residents about the future of the building. Clearly action is needed and the property offers opportunities to address local needs.


Margaret Burke concluded, “I want Milton Keynes Council to take action over this empty property. I want them to begin by consulting residents. It must not be left empty for another three years.”