Council tries to sell off another empty Council House.

In December 2010 the Citizen highlighted that Milton Keynes Council had put an empty council house, that had previously been the Abbey School’s caretaker’s house on the market despite very high numbers of people in bed and breakfast and other forms of temporary accommodation. The property was in Melrose Avenue, West Bletchley.


Milton Keynes Council now wants to dispose of a caretaker’s bungalow attached to Barleyhurst Primary School in West Bletchley.


It appears that the Council is involved in asset disposal despite the obvious alternatives:


1.            It could be used to help meet the city’s severe housing need. There are   thousands on thewaiting list and 


2.            It might be used to develop school or wider community services.


Local councillor Nigel Long said, “I am concerned that the Tory council is selling off assets, in this case council bungalows, that could meet local needs. It must stop and they must come clean on all housing asset disposals.”


Cllr Long has written to Council housing boss Cllr Peter Geary and asked him to put a hold on the sale. He has also asked him to publish all council housing property that has been kept empty for over 3 months. Cllr Long also wants him to publish a list of housing properties placed for auctions. (1)


Cllr Long concluded, “I think that the Council may be keeping empty a range of properties that could be put to good use. I know of a large property in Bradville and of one in Wolverton. The Council must come clean.”




The Barleyhurst Primary School property is in the grounds of the school and accessed via Hertford Close.       


(1) Milton Keynes Council was due to dispose of 8 council owned houses at auction on the 27 February. The decision to auction the properties was made in secret on the 30 November 2011.  If successful at auction the Council was estimated to generate around £855,000 pounds.