Dangerous Junction Victory

Milton Keynes Council following a sustained campaign involving local residents and councillors Mick Legg and Nigel Long and the Police have agreed to take action to address the dangerous junction between the A421 and Trafalgar Avenue .

Following a public consultation with all residents it has been agreed to ‘realign’ the kerb at the junction. This has been adopted for a 12 month trial period in preference to a full closure of the road.

Cllr Mick Legg with support from Cllr Nigel Long commenced a campaign with resident support to tackle the really dangerous junction that has been the scene of numerous accidents.

Cllr Mick Legg said “  This junction has been a major concern for residents for many years which despite previous campaigns has never been addressed.

I am pleased that we have made such good progress on this and that we have secured resident support for re-alignment of the kerb and council funding for this to happen this financial year.”  

A survey of residents saw  over 50% of those surveyed respond . A majority of 57% wanted the kerb realigned. The second preference with 26% was for the complete closure of the junction.

The police have favoured closing the junction but following discussion it has been agreed to try the kerb realignment for 12 months and if that does not work, the Council will move to junction closure unless further serious incidents occur at the junction.

Cllr Mick Legg concluded, “This is a very dangerous junction and the realignment should go a long way to resolving  the problem. However if they persist we will look at closure as the ultimate solution. We will trial it for 12 months with a review after 6 months. This is a good outcome. A victory for residents and their councillors.”