Dangerous road needs safer crossing

Bletchley Councillor Elaine Wales is leading calls for a safer crossing by the Tescos on Buckingham Road.


The junction of Buckingham Road / Newton Road and Shenley Road is very dangerous with cars speeding through the double round-about. The junction is particularly dangerous as young children have to cross the road to get to two local schools (St. Thomas Aquinas and Holne Chase) and other residents cross to get to the two local shops, a Tescos and the Co-operative.People cross the roads to get to the bus stops, the local pubs and hairdressers.


Cllr Elaine Wales said, “This is a very dangerous junction. The cars come down the Buckingham Roadat high speeds and around the corner in Newton Road, opposite the co-operative. The whole stretch of road from the junction down past the shops is very dangerous.”


Elaine believes that the Council should look at putting in two pelican crossings one across Buckingham Road to the left of the second round-about and one across Newton Road opposite Tescos/Co-operative stores. Elaine Wales has launched a petition and wants to present to Milton Keynes Council in the Autumn. Asked about money Cllr Wales said, “This is a really important road safety matter and there is some planning gain money linked to Newton Road that has not  been spent. This would pay for thecrossings.”  


You can sign the online petition by clicking here: