Councillor Elaine Wales


I’m your Labour councillor for Bletchley Park, which includes the areas of Central Bletchley, Granby, Poets Estate, Racecourses, Church Green, Saints, Castles, Fairways, and of course, Bletchley Park. I was born and raised in Bletchley, and am a local person who cares about local issues. My aim is to ensure that Bletchley gets a fairer deal.

I grew up in a Labour household. My father was a Labour councillor and a parish councillor for many years. Labour values of fairness and equality are the values that we live our lives by.

I’ve always wanted to do the best for my community, and I feel that I can make a difference. I started my political career on the parish council, and then became the councillor for Whaddon Ward. I’ve been a member of the Scrutiny Committee, the Adult Health and Social Care Committee and the Children’s Committee. I’ve also been a school governor & Chair of PTA at Chestnuts Primary, the local school my daughter attended.

I’m currently on the West Bletchley parish council and the Community Committee. Community issues are important to me. I played a key role in re-launching the Bletchley Carnival, which started out small, with just a burger van and a few floats. Now it is a hugely popular event, drawing together a diverse and inclusive community. The carnival has helped to bring together people from all backgrounds, in a way that unites and builds the community. It is one of the projects I am proudest of.

Other successes have been campaigns to stop plans to build on the Windmill Golf Course site. I also helped to ensure that the development on the White Hart site was in keeping with the wishes of residents. I’ve successfully campaigned to improve the roads in West Bletchley, and replacement of the roofs on the council houses on the Saints estate. I’m continuing to fight for further improvements.

One of the most prominent projects I’m currently involved in is the proposed development of Salden Chase by Aylesbury Vale Council, which many in the community are opposed to. Current plans will result in a huge strain on local resources, and have a significant impact on the environment.

I am a local person, who understands the community and the issues that affects it. I’m committed to campaigning on your behalf, and I genuinely care about this area and the people who live here. 

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