About Emily

Emily is the Labour Parliamentary candidate for Milton Keynes North for the next general election.

Emily is a businesswoman, trade unionist, co-operator, Labour campaigner and a mother with strong family connections to Milton Keynes.

Emily worked for the GMB trade union which represents 700,000 public and private sector workers. She led media and political campaigns on behalf of workers in the NHS, local government and manufacturing on issues such as pay and conditions, pensions and fair treatment at work.

She was a special adviser to the last Labour government on science, innovation, employment rights and child poverty. She helped deliver 28 days holiday for all workers, simplifications to child tax credits and an increased science budget.

Emily led the creation of the Design Council’s programme of redesigning public services with citizens at their heart. She founded a company to help local leaders in Britain and Africa transform their communities working on issues such as maternal health and housing.

Emily advises the National Endowment for Science, Technology and Art on public sector innovation. She also works with the Open University and 22 other universities through the University Alliance on securing the role of our universities in the economic and social success of Britain.

As a mother, she knows what it is like to raise a family when services are being cut.

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