Energy saving guide

5th February 2009

Dr. Phyllis Starkey, and Andrew Pakes, (the Labour candidate for Milton Keynes North East) have published a new guide for residents in the city on how to help cut their fuel bills and stay warm during the current cold snap.

The pair compiled the booklet following a number of inquiries from residents about what grants and help are available to help cut fuel bills bill and reduce their carbon footprint. The booklet has been released just as 30,000 local pensioners in Milton Keynes received their extra £60 payment.

The Milton Keynes Energy Saver Handbook provides a summary of the current help available including information on Warm Front grants, how to switch energy providers and useful contact details for energy suppliers. The booklet is available online and by contacting the pair on 01908 314974. Copies are also being sent to local community groups.

Dr. Starkey says, "The Government has done a great help people keep warm this winter: we have provided this guide to make it easier for constituents to see what help they are entitled to. The guide provides information on different kinds of help available and explains what the potential cash savings are".

Andrew Pakes, the Labour & Co-operative Parliamentary Spokesperson for MK North continues, "Many households across Milton Keynes are now eligible for some kind of help with their energy bills. Over 30,000 pensioners were entitled to the extra payments with the Winter Fuel Payment this year, alongside the £60 Christmas bonus. But I know there is more to be done. The most important thing is that residents are getting hold of the extra help and support they need, particularly during a cold snap."

Energy saving guide - Feb 2009Energy Saving Guide