Family homes for Home Farm site.

Milton Keynes Council should use the redevelopment of the Home Farm depot in Bletchley to provide affordable, family homes, according to local councillors. The Home Farm depot at the junction of Sherwood Drive and Whalley Drive is a large area of land in West Bletchley. It used to be the home of the Councils refuse service. It is now nearly empty.


At the West Bletchley parish council environment sub-committee meeting on the 8 July Cllr Nigel Long argued that the site should be developed for much needed Family homes.


Cllr Long said, “There is a huge shortage of affordable housing in West Bletchley. We desperately need to build more Family homes. This site offers a great opportunity to build Family homes.


The site is the largest one left in West Bletchley.  The parish council backed Cllr Long saying its preference for the site was Family housing. The Council wanted to look at other options but councillors recognised the need for Family homes.


Cllr Long added, “I often see young families at my advice surgery, they need a home and they want to stay near their families. It is the strength of community that makes West Bletchley such a  great place to live. We need more Family homes, so young people do not have to leave the area. The environment committee come down in favour of a clear preference for Family housing.”


Milton Keynes Council will now produce a brief for the site. Senior planners and housing officers were at the Parish environment committee and heard the views of councillors. Cllr Long concluded, “I expect the MKC Development brief to set out how the site can be developed for affordable family homes. I want to see a mixed development of rental and shared ownership properties. I also want to see priority for these homes go to West Bletchley residents.”