Fred Roche would be turning in his grave

Fred Roche, the architect credited with developing Milton Keynes would be turning in his grave if he knew the state that the Fred Roche Memorial gardens, opened in November 2012,  were being left in by Milton Keynes Council. 

Local councilor Paul Williams is so incensed by the neglect that he has written to Council Boss Andrew Gerry:

“Dear Andrew, You may recall my response to the consultation on the renaming of Fred Roche Gardens, where I gave my support on the condition the gardens were regenerated and properly maintained. Sadly, it appears the gardens are in a much worse state and in dire need of attention.”

Paul Williams is calling upon Andrew Geary to met with him to look at the gardens and to find a solution to the problem of neglect.

Cllr Paul Williams said “ Fred Roche was the inspiration behind Milton Keynes. He would be turning in his grave at the neglect of his memorial gardens It is wrong to treat such a creative driving force for our city so sadly.  Cllr Geary should talk to the Fred Roche Foundation and come up with a viable solution, ensuring the Gardens are in a state where they can be enjoyed as a fitting tribute to Fred Roche."