Golf Course battle hots up!

The public enquiry into plans to build on the Windmill Hill golf course took a course for the worse when the developer raised the possibility of returning to an earlier proposal to build a hotel on the golf course. 

The public hearing into the decision of MKC to reject a planning proposal to build 89 homes on part of the estate was held in West Bletchley on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of last week. The hearing considered evidence from many local residents as well as the developer and MKC. Local Labour councillors Elaine Wales and Nigel Long both gave evidence. 

Cllr Elaine Wales said,  

“We have fought the planning proposal to build on this lovely  open space for over 18 months. I believe the case against building on the golf course is very strong and I was pleased to highlight the loss of open space and the potential traffic problems.” 

The Developer sent an expensive barrister along with other support to the hearing, but the general view of the councillors present was that the residents and councillors made very strong arguments to the independent inspector. 

Cllr Wales added,

“The proposal to build on the golf course is a bad one and not supported by residents. The fact that they were paying a barrister to appear worries me as does the suggestion they raised in the hearing that any earlier proposal to build a hotel on the golf course might be put forward again.”

The backdrop to the application appears to have more to do with the financial problems the company running the club has, than any desire to improve golf for residents.

Cllr Nigel Long added,

“They are clearly struggling to make money out of the golf course. I think the company running it should consider withdrawing from the lease and let another golf company come in and take over. That would be better than losing precious open space and causing more local traffic problems. ”