Golf Course development goes to appeal

Golf Campaign Plans to dig up part of the Windmill Hill golf course was defeated by resident pressure last July. (15 July Planning Committee.)

Now the company managing the golf course have appealed against the decision of Milton Keynes Planning Committee. They want the independent inspector to over-rule local residents and the Planning Committee and build 89 houses on one of the few remaining open spaces in West Bletchley.

Cllr Elaine Wales, Vice Chair of West Bletchley Parish Council, was one of the key people opposing the original application. Elaine Wales says:

“We must oppose the appeal. They must not get away with building on this open space. It was a bad proposal last July and it remains a bad proposal.”

Cllrs Elaine Wales and Mick Legg have placed the matter before the Parish Council Environment Committee on Monday 26 March and are asking residents to come along and consider how best to influence the appeal.

Cllrs Wales concluded, “Last year residents fought this bad proposal. It is appalling that the company can threaten our community and one of the few open spaces. It will impact on local housing and on the roads and on the quality of the environment. We must stop it. I hope residents will come to Parish Council Environment Committee on the 26 March and help start the fight back!”