Grass cutting fiasco in Bletchley

Grass cutting has become so bad in parts of West Bletchley that roads are disappearing.

Labour believes the poor quality of grass cutting in West Bletchley reflects the way Bletchley is treated with indifference by a remote Tory Council.

Cllr Mick Legg said, “The failure to cut the grass reflects, in my view,‘could not give a damn about Bletchley’ indifference by the Council to the largest, older area of Milton Keynes. The same is true of roads, or jobs, or bus services. Bletchley is treated as the poor relation to Milton Keynes and to the posh villages that surround the city.”

Fellow Bletchley Councillor Nigel Long highlighted that the Tory boss responsible for grass cutting has said, that only the council should cut grass next to roads. 

Cllr Nigel Long added, “Round here we would like to see all the grassed areas cut properly. We do not care who does it! We complained about the work last year, but this year it is even worse. Something has to be done. I would like to see the service provided locally by our parish council. As is widely recognised the parish councils do a better job than the remote City Council. Time for change. Time to transfer control to local people. Or if that is too difficult, please just cut the grass!”

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