Has Milton Keynes got the worst potholes in Britain?

Tory Council leaders in Milton Keynes have come under pressure over the poor state of local roads.   

West Bletchley better roads campaigner Cllr Nigel Long has been refused information about the Council’s planned pothole blitz.

When Labour colleague Cllr Mick Legg highlighted the severe problem of potholes in West Bletchley. Milton Keynes Council said, publically, it was going to organise a ‘blitz’ on potholes.

But when Cllr Nigel Long asked for the list of potholes to be ‘blitzed’ he was refused the information. He pointed out that the Council needs to ask councillors and parish councils where the biggest problems are. Again he was told that they were not being consulted about where the problems were.

Cllr Long said, “They have refused me information and they do not want to get the views of parish councils or councillors on where the biggest problems may be. This I believe is because the pothole blitz is just a PR stunt.” 

Under pressure Labour discovered that whilst they were being refused details of the roads to be blitzed the Council potholes boss Cllr John Bint has had a road in his ward repaired. It is not clear if this road is a priority or if this is blatant favouritism. A case of Cllr Bint putting himself first!

Cllr Long was told the information will be kept secret until the Cabinet boss for potholes can get his picture taken launching the blitz. It seems that he has been spending Council money in his area first.  That’s not very fair.

Cllr Legg said, “This council has a poor record on potholes, failed to spend the extra money it had to do more  work, operates a environmental help line that works badly and simply wants to try and manage the media rather than deal with the potholes that are causing massive problems across Milton Keynes but especially in the older towns.”

Cllr Long concluded, “I am concerned about the secrecy over potholes. And I am disgusted that the Council Boss has secured funds for his own area first. No wonder they do not want to come clean. But we will not be silenced.”