Health Select Committee agrees major service reviews

The Health and Adult Social Care Select Committee agreed two major reviews of key services at its meeting on Tuesday 31 July.

The select committee agreed at its meeting to review two major policy areas that have a profound effect on the lives of all residents. The reviews may lead to a substantial re-structuring of how health service and council spending on older and vulnerable people is spent. The two reviews will cover:

 1.0     Older people’s services. 

 This review group will be led by Health Select Committee chair Cllr Nigel Long. It will look at how the challenge of the ageing society can be met by investing in preventative measures to help older people stay safe in their homes with support and help that allows them to do so.

 Cllr Nigel Long said, “This will be a major review that aims to help older people stay safe in their own homes.  We will explore how money that is spent on care homes and the treatment of older people in hospital can be re-directed to promoting independence based on their control of and choice of services that they need.”    

 2.0  Mental Health services.

 At any time one in four adults has some form of mental health problem. This is a demanding area and one that is seen as a ‘Cinderella’ service. It has not received the attention, in the past, that it deserves.  The review will look at how such services are delivered, how co-ordination can be improved and, as with older people, how people facing the challenge of mental health can be supported to live independent lives with good support.

 Labour’s lead on this will be former social worker Cllr Rita Venn.