Hodge Lea bus passengers get in touch

Get in touch is the big message from hard working local councillor Pete Marland and other local ‘Better Bus campaigners.’ 

In March 2012 Milton Keynes Council was awarded just over £2million by the Department of Transport Better Bus Area Fund and will be putting an additional £1million of local money into bus improvements. The money is to develop the delayed Real Time Passenger Information system, highlight bus routes to local residents and improve access to bus stops.

Local councillor Peter Marland is looking for residents to get in touch to express their views on how MK Council can best use funds it has been given to improve access to public transport. He has joined up with local ‘Better Bus campaigners’ Rachel Pallet and Dave Prendergast to support HodgeLea residents get a better service. The estate of Hodge Lea has been identified as one of the estates in need of improvements.

Cllr Marland has been calling for some time for footpath improvements to access bus stops, especially as the area is a known hotspot for pedestrian accidents.  Money has also been allocated for better signage in the area, highlighting where bus stops are located. Now Cllr Marland is asking residents to get in touch and tell him where they think the improvements are needed, so he can ensure the money is spent where the community wants it to be spent.

Cllr Peter Marland, Labour & Co-operative Councillor said: “I have been calling for some time for better pedestrian access to bus stops from HodgeLea, as this area has a history of accidents with people crossing grid roads as they are unable to access bus stops at a convenient point.”

He added,  “It is really important that the money is spent wisely exactly where the residents need it. That’s why I’m asking bus users to get in touch and give me their views, which I’ll pass on to MKC. I’ll also be writing to residents to let them know there will be a consultation and that their views do matter.”

You can have your say by clicking here.