Labour acts to keep Junior Tripper bus fares at 35p per ride.

On Tuesday 21 February Labour will vote against a proposal to increase  the cost of each Junior Tripper bus fare for young people to 50p per journey. Instead, Labour will propose keeping the fare at the current price of 35p.


Labour will also insist that a proposal to widen the Junior Tripper to young people up to their 19th birthday, which was agreed last year, is introduced very quickly this year. 


Labour has a long-standing policy to support young people using the buses and these proposals are part of a series of fully costed ‘Budget Improvements’  that will improve the lives of thousands of people.


The proposalas have been worked up with the Council Treasurer and will cost £350,000 to keep the fare at 35p and £238,00 to extend the scheme. It will benefit thousands of young people who use the bus service.


Cllr Norman Miles, Labour Opposition Leader said “We have been committed to improving bus travel for young people for many years. We proposed the extension of the Trippers scheme last year. It was  agreed but the Lib Dem Council did not implement it. So we are proposing it again this year. We have vigorously opposed all attempts to increase the fare since the moment we heard about them”


The proposal means that young people can access cheaper bus travel right across the city.. It will help a large number of young people to travel to school, to work, to leisure facilities.


Cllr Miles concluded, “We want a good bus service but it must be affordable to young people. We must establish a public transport habit amongst young people, whether it be for work, school, college or leisure We hope to agree the funding package in advance of next weeks meeting with opposition parties. It is a fully costed sound proposal. It will help many young people. It makes good sense.”