Labour challenge to 5 year tenancies

Radical Council plans, supporting 5 year tenancies for new Council or Housing Association tenants were blocked by Cllr Nigel Long. The decision is being reviewed by the Executive Scrutiny committee on the 7 November.

Tory Council Cabinet bosses agreed a radical approach to new[1] Council and Housing Association tenancies. The changes will have a profound impact on the security of homes let and on the renewal of tenancies.

So profound and fundamental is the change that Milton Keynes Council Labour Deputy Leader Cllr Nigel blocked the measures pending a review. Tory Council Cabinet bosses agreed on the 17 October a tenancy strategy. This is required by law. It is a framework within which all housing association and the councils should operate when letting new built homes or existing homes if a tenant moves out. Milton Keynes Council is supporting two fundamental changes:

1.            That new tenants of housing associations and the Council should

no longer have tenancies for life, but time limited tenancies of 5 years. After which they may have to move on.


2.            That at the end of a five year tenancy if a households’ income is

          over £28,000 they will be required to find alternative accommodation.

Cllr Long said, “I believe 5 year tenancies are wrong. They will weaken community, undermine families, cause anguish and hardship. Children may have to move school and leave a beloved home all because the Tories think insecurity is a good thing.”

Cllr Long added, “To then suggest that households with incomes over £28,000 at the end of a 5 year period should be forced out of their home is a really nasty thing. It is about creating insecurity and undermining communities. It will not solve the housing shortage or improve the housing situation for thousands of people struggling with low paid jobs.”   

 Cllr Long concluded, “In blocking these bad proposals I will seek to moderate the Tory position, arguing for ten year tenancies and a higher income threshold.”       

[1] This would apply to new holders of  council and housing association tenancies.