Labour challenges council to rule out crematorium sale

When London’s Westminster Council tried to sell of its cemeteries there was a national outcry. Now Milton Keynes Council may want to sell off its crematorium.

Labour’s new leader Peter Marland has issued a strong warning to council  chiefs that any plans to sell off the City’s Crematorium would lead to public outrage.

Milton Keynes Council bosses are reviewing Bereavement Services with a view to saving money. Cllr Marland has written to the council calling for assurances that the crematorium won't be included in any plans to sell assets.  The council is still saying all options will be looked at and nothing has been ruled out.

Cllr Marland said: “The idea that as a Council we would spend money expanding the Crownhill Crematorium only to see it sold off is stupidity. We need to look at ways of ensuring our asset brings money into the Council in the long term, while guaranteeing people get an excellent service during what is often a difficult period of bereavement.”

“This is not about the private sector being bad, far from it; this is about getting the best for the MK taxpayer. Using new ideas, like the Council-owned MK Service Partnership, to deliver change and drive revenue that can be re-invested into services is key to our thinking.  Sadly the current administration are practising the tired old model of the past in ‘if it is worth something, flog it now for some quick cash’ but we will regret it later.”