Labour Propose £10 million investment in ‘poor’ Pavements.

Pavements and Redways across the city are in an appalling state. A programme of action is needed to make them safe as soon as possible and to set up an investment programme  repaired

The centre piece of Labour’s ‘Budget Improvement’ proposals is a two year £10 million investment to make the poorest pavements safe.  With £5 million proposed for 2012/13 and £5 million in 2013/14.


Labour Opposition Leader Cllr Norman Miles said “Pavements and Redways across Milton Keynes are in a mess. Many are in a poor state and dangerous.  They have lacked investment for many years. We aim to start the process of making them safe by amending the Tory Council budget to  invest £10 million in pavements next year.”


The proposal is to be debated at the Council budget setting meeting on the 21 February. The aim  is to start to address the problem. Priority would be given to tackling the worst pavement problems, starting in the older towns and estates of Milton Keynes. In the longer term Labour propose that the Council must put in place a proper programme of investment. The money is capital expenditure funded by re-allocating  projected ‘underspends of money in the Tories budget. It does not come from the Council Tax.


Cllr Miles added, “We want to address the immediate problems in areas like Bletchley and estates like Bradville, Beanhill and Conniburrow. We then want the council to agree a longer term investment programme so that the needs of older areas are addressed but also the newer ones where problems are stating to emerge like Emerson Valley, Loughton and Two Mile Ash.”


Discussions on the funding package have been held with the Council treasurer. Labour is proposing to try and agree the funding with the Tory Council because the issue is so important.


Cllr Miles concluded, “Residents know that poor pavements are a big problem. We are seeking broad support for our costed proposal which hopefully all parties will sign up to at next Tuesday’s Council meeting.”