Legg claims victory on dangerous Whalley Drive junction.


The dangerous junction between Whalley Drive and Whaddon Way looks set to get the much needed double yellow lines.

Cllr Mick Legg explained, “Following my survey of residents I called for Double Yellow lines to stop inappropriate parking at this junction. Milton Keynes Council have listened and is currently consulting residents before introducing the lines. I am delighted that it is doing this and that we are on cue for improved road safety at this junction.” 

The proposed lines appear to have substantial support, but one or two questions have been raised about whether it may cause parking problems elsewhere.

Cllr Legg added, “The good thing about consulting with residents is that it helps iron out any other secondary issues that may emerge.”

Cllr Legg believes that there is a need for increased parking across West Bletchley.

He added, “I am a strong supporter of improving parking in our community. I want to see more parking spaces provided and help for residents to get dropped kerbs put in.”

Cllr Legg concluded, “I am pleased that the consultation is underway. I look forward to the double yellow lines being painted on the road. It will make the junction safer. It may only seem a small matter, but it is a victory for many residents who have for too long been put at risk.”