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Milton Keynes Labour Party covers the borough of Milton Keynes and consists of all Labour Party members that live in the area. Our members are local residents who share Labour party values and work together to make a positive difference to Milton Keynes.

You can find details about those party members who are elected into roles like Councillor or MP here.  While those members are in the public eye, lots of other members are also working hard to progress the work we do in this area.

We are a democratic party and the local party is lead by an Officer Group and Executive Committee elected annually from within our membership .  The Executive Committee are supported by a number of coordinators.

Executive Committee Membership



Chair: Paul Day (Newport Pagnell branch)

Secretary:Tom Welch (Milton Keynes West)

Treasurer: Veronica Belcher (Bletchley)

Vice-Chair Campaigns: Rachel Pallett (Wolverton & Bradwell)

Vice-Chair Membership: John Orr (Woughton & Fishermead)

Women's Officer: Shammi Akter (Milton Keynes West)


Members of the Executive Committee:

From Milton Keynes North:

  • Wendy Crane
  • Christine Davies (Newport Pagnell Branch)
  • Hannah Minns (Secklow)
  • Ann Williams (Secklow)

From Milton Keynes South:

  • Jackie Andrew-Barrett (Milton Keynes West)
  • Carole Baume (Campbell Park & Woughton)
  • Irving Nichol (Milton Keynes West)
  • Owain Smolovic-Jones ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­(Milton Keynes West )

From Trade Unions and other affiliated organisations:

  • Allan Thompson (Milton Keynes West) - GMB
  • Matty Burn (Bletchley) - FBU
  • vacancy
  • vacancy

From Milton Keynes Council Labour Group (non-voting members)

  • Pete Marland Leader, MK Council Labour Group (Wolverton & Bradwell)
  • Paul Williams Secretary, MK Council Labour Group (Milton Keynes West)


Coordinators (non-voting attendees)

Digital Media:

  • James Barrett (Milton Keynes Westl)


  • Vacancy - Disability lead
  • Toni Cardinalli - LGBTQ Lead (Bletchley)
  • Wajeeha Khan - BAME Lead (Milton Keynes West)


  • Sheri Delfani  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­(Milton Keynes West)


  • David Cockfield (Milton Keynes West)

Trade Union Liaison:

  • Kashif Raza (Milton Keynes West)


  • Brad Baines (Milton Keynes East)


We also run several local branches across MK, bringing members together to make a difference closer to where they live.  You can find out branch contacts here.

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