Melrose Post Office: A big thank you for 30 years of Public Service

The Post Office at Melrose shops is set to close with a new one opening at no 15 Melrose (a few doors away) in the local newsagents/convenience store.    

Local councillor Mick Legg went to see the owners of the current Post Office, Mr and Mrs Patel. They are retiring.

Cllr Mick Legg said, “I remember when they opened the Post Office thirty years ago. I was a teenager then and I believe they have always provided an excellent service.  Thirty years of good public service. I want to be the first to thank them for their service and hard work over those 30 years.”

Local councillor Nigel Long has welcomed the Post Office proposals to relocate the Post Office to the nearby ‘Best One’ shop. The opening hours will be greater; there is good access for wheelchairs and good nearby parking including disabled bays. 

Cllr Long said, “The proposal to move the Post Office to the nearby shop looks sensible. The Post office however must ensure that local residents are able to comment. I am happy for people to call or to e mail me or Cllr Legg with their views or call into our weekly advice surgery next to the Post Office.”