Mohammed Khan questions missing school safety measures at Giles Brook.

Turning into Holborn Crescent from the busy V1 grid road you would not know that local school Giles Brook was on the corner of the two roads.

There are no signs asking cars to slow down or signs to indicate a school is located 20 metres from the junction.

Worse still, there is no zebra, pelican or safety crossing for the young children who may be walking to the school.

Community campaigner Mohammed Khan has been talking to parents bringing their children to the school.

Mohammed Khan said, “We know that Giles Brook was neglected by Milton Keynes Council and the source of much disquiet, but the failure to ensure road safety measures at the entrance to the school on a fast road strikes me as continued neglect.”

Mohammed Khan has brought the problem to the attention of Cllr Nigel Long and he has written to Milton Keynes Council about the matter.

Mohammed Khan concluded, “We need action on this road safety problem. We cannot wait until a child is injured. There should be proper signage and a proper safety crossing.”