Netherfield Residents suffer from parking abuse

Residents of Farthing Grove on Netherfield  are up in arms over the huge number of cars that park outside their homes, often across their drives, sometimes even on their drives, on a daily basis.

Farthing Grove is the road directly opposite the Milton Keynes Hospital.

The problem appears to be caused by visitors to the hospital who are parking on the estate as a way of avoiding the high cost of parking at the Hospital.

Residents have approached local councillor Steve Coventry to try and find a solution to this problem.


Cllr Coventry said, “I have been looking daily at the number of cars parked inappropriately along Farthing Grove. It is wrong to block people’s drives. I understand that people do not want to pay for parking at the Hospital, but to park badly and to inconvenience  local residents is wrong.”    

Cllr Coventry believes that the hospital needs to increase the amount of parking provision it has and that it should reduce the cost of hospital visitor parking. 

Cllr Coventry concluded, “I believe the Hospital and Council should sit down and see if extra parking could be provided on Council owned land. If capacity was increased I would also want to see the cost of parking reduced. Extra parking at a lower cost would probably see the Hospital income go up as people would no longer avoid paying by parking on estate roads. This needs a bit of joined up thinking.”