Pensioners call for action on ‘missing’ Front and Back Doors

The residents of Selkirk Grove met with local councillors Mick Legg and Nigel Long because their front and back doors are letting in cold air.


Milton Keynes Council replaced the windows in a lovely close of OAP bungalows some years ago but did not replace the front or back doors.


The result is that the benefits of the draft free windows are lost because the traditional front and back doors remain and let the heat out and drafts in.


The residents of Selkirk Grove have approached Cllrs. Mick Legg and Nigel Long and given them a petition and they have raised the problem with Milton Keynes Council.


Cllr Mick Legg said, “I was approached by the residents of Selkirk Grove because the drafts from the doors are getting worse. The residents are facing growing heating costs and simply replacing the doors would go a long way to resolving the problems.”


The decision of Milton Keynes Council to upgrade the old windows but “miss out” the doors was probably done for financial reasons but the long term consequence is cold bungalows and high heating bills.


Cllr Long added, “The decision not to upgrade the doors when they did the windows  seems daft in retrospect but typifies many of the savings the Council makes. A short term gain on paper becomes a bigger problem in the longer term. It is a false economy.”


Cllr Mick Legg has written to Milton Keynes Council about the “missing doors” .


Cllr Legg concluded, “We have met with the residents and we will do all we can to sort out the “missing” new doors problem out.  It is not fair that senior citizens should face cold bungalows or big bills just because of penny pinching by the Council.”