Residents win Golf Course battle for now!

The public enquiry into plans to build on the Windmill Hill golf course has ruled that the development of new homes on precious open space should not proceed.

The public hearing into the decision of MKC to reject a planning proposal to build 89 homes on part of the estate was held in West Bletchley and saw residents and councillors give evidence against the development.

The decision to uphold the MKC decision to reject the planning application is a major victory for local residents, who, with local councillors, fought a long campaign over 18 months against developer plans for the gold course. 

Local councillor Elaine Wales said, 

“We have fought the planning proposal to build on this lovely open space for over 18 months. I believe the case against building on the golf course was very strong and I am delighted that we have beaten them.

The Developer had sent an expensive barrister along with other support to the hearing. But the powerful arguments of residents, MKC and local councillors Elaine Wales and Nigel Long who gave evidence to the public hearing prevailed. 

Cllr Long concluded,

“I would like to thank the many residents who fought the developer; I would like to thank the parish council and Milton Keynes Council for making such a professional case against the development. I also want to be clear that the developer may try another planning application in the future so we must remain vigilant and stay committed to protecting valuable open space.”