Review of care and support funding needed

There are nearly £2 million pounds of budget pressures identified across Adult Care Services.(1) This is the extra spending needed for services to keep up with the ageing population and the growing numbers of disabled people. They arise because there are more older people in Milton Keynes.


At the same time as assuming the need for this extra money the Tory run Council is proposing to cut £482,000 from the Adult social care budget.(2)     


Labour’s health and adult care social care spokesperson, Cllr Nigel Long, is concerned that the cut which amounts to 25% of the money needed to meet the demand for social care services will lead to poor services, higher charges or less support for older and disabled people.


Cllr Nigel Long said, “The problems with adding money into the budget then taking it out again is that it is not clear how the needs of older and disabled people are actually being met.  It means a money driven approach to care not a needsbased approach. I fear some people will suffer.”


Nigel Long is so concerned that the funding for older and disabled people may be too low that he has written to the Chief Executive asking for a review of the funding position.


Cllr Long concluded, “I am so worried that the combination of growing demand and potential cuts of £482,000 will lead to level of funding that will hurt older and disabled people hard.”