Scrutiny Committee backs Cllr Long over 5 year tenancies

Government plans for 5 year tenancies supported by Council bosses were blocked by Cllr Nigel Long. This followed a record 3 hour 25 minute committee meeting on the one topic.

On Wednesday 7 November the Council’s Executive Scrutiny committee backed him and the proposal has been referred to Full Council for consideration.

The Council wants all new Housing Association and Council tenants to have 5 year tenancies rather than long term tenancies.

Councillor Nigel Long said,     “I am bitterly opposed to the Tory idea that insecurity is good for working people. I am strongly opposed to the ideas that you move in to a rented home and could be moved on every 5 years. The proposed 5 year tenancy proposal will now be debated by the whole Council. All councillors should have a say on this matter, not just a few Tories many of whom are private landlords.”  

At the meeting the 5 year tenancies were supported by the Tory councillors. The majority however supported the idea that the possible eviction of families and children after 5 years would disrupt schooling, undermine work and was basically an attempt to introduce the instability and poor conditions of the English private rented sector.

Cllr Long concluded, “I want high standards of security across all renting, whether in the social rented sector or the private rented sector. Stopping the Tory plans for forcible evictions every  5 years is about helping families,  not putting them constantly in a position of having to move on. I was pleased that the majority supported me. I want Full Council to tell the Cabinet 5 year tenancies will not be supported. “