Survey suggests 70% of residents have not seen a Police Officer in last 3 months

A local crime survey in the Denbigh ward of West Bletchley has produced the startling figure that 70% of residents have not seen a police officer in the previous three month period.


This figure raises issues about how a traditional community should be policed and whether because we have with a strong sense of community and well run parish council we are receiving too little attention by police officers.


Cllr Nigel Long said, “I am concerned that our community may not be getting its fair share of the city’s police officer time. I am concerned that this may reflect the need for the police to focus on higher crime areas and the pressure on police budgets as a result of funding cuts by Government.”


West Bletchley is a good place to live and crime is relatively low, however we have problems of:


  • Anti Social Behaviour at Melrose shops and Barleyhurst Park
  • Burglaries
  • Abuse of disabled parking bays.
  • Vandalism to parked cars.


 Cllr Nigel Long added, “I would like to see more police officers “on the beat”. I would like to see a higher profile for local police officers. We have a strong community but we need help to tackle some of the problems we do have.”


Cllr Long concluded, “All I want is a fair share of police officers’ time and presence locally.”