Tate Ballard: Danesborough and Walton

Tate Ballard: Danesborough and Walton

Standing for fairness and equality

I'm your Labour representative for Danesborough and Walton, which serves the areas of Bow Brickhill, Little Brickhill, Caldecotte, Browns Wood, Old Farm Park, Wavendon, Wavendon Gate and Woburn Sands.

I was born in Milton Keynes hospital 22 years ago and live in Wavendon Gate. I am standing for fairness in our community, and equality among all residents. Issues that affect the community we live in are those that I care deeply about. I am committed to ensuring that we all have a voice worth hearing, and to giving you support and a strong, positive environment to live and work in.

The Labour Party is about justice and social equality, I am sure we all care about these values, and I am committed to pushing for them as a Milton Keynes councillor. These are the same values I live to, and for. As a parish councillor I have already been pushing these commitments and values. I work in an environment which enables me to empathise with community needs, and to help you to achieve the best you can.

My aim is to give a voice to those in our community who can no longer speak for themselves and to amplify the voice of the 'squeezed middle'. I will stand up for those of us who are unfairly treated, poorly looked after and unfairly taxed. It is important to me do my best to create a safe, clean place to live and work.

We all make the place we live in, so let’s work together to make it a safe, strong and above all, a fair environment. 

You can contact me on:

Email: tate@tateballard.com

Telephone: 0755 499 1576

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