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Extra Council Tax to protect vulnerable people is vital but not fair as residents will foot the bill.


On Tuesday 7 February Milton Keynes Council Cabinet will propose a 4.95% Council Tax rise for next year.  This includes 3% for Adult Social Care Funding.

The Cabinet believes it is vital to generate more income for social care, but fundamentally wrong that the people of Milton Keynes should fund the short fall in support for vulnerable and older adults. That should be funded by the Government.


Cllr Nigel Long

Cllr Nigel Long, Cabinet member for Adult Social Care said, “There was public outcry when the Government failed to make more money available for Adult Social Care. They said the Council could fund extra spending by putting the Council Tax up by 3% for two years. But the extra money will come from the pockets of You and Me; Milton Keynes residents not from the Government. This is both unfair and will still leave a big black hole in funding for social care.”

Over the next three years the Council will have to find an extra £42 million to meet demand for Adult Social Care. The extra precept will raise £16 million and the Council after making savings of £20 million, will still have a funding shortfall of £6 million. (See details below)


Cllr Pete Marland

Council Leader Pete Marland added, “Our balanced budget aims to protect the most vulnerable in society. The extra Council tax for social care will be important but it is not the answer. The real answer is the Government should fund social care and the hospital  properly. Both are interlinked and both underfunded.” 

Milton Keynes faces a big rise in the number of older and disabled residents. The biggest rise is among the over 85 year olds. Many will have complex or multiple needs.

Cllr Long concluded, “I am not prepared to stand back and see older and vulnerable people lose services. That is why I support the extra 3% rise for social care. But it is not fair that the Government is giving us only £910,000 and residents have to find £14 million of  extra income. We are all picking up the bill for their under funding.”


Notes:  Adult Social Care (ASC) Budget and Precept 2017-18 to 2019-20. (£Millions)

Table 1 : Year by Year Comparison:





ASC Pressures








Net position




ASC Grant

- 0.91



ASC Precept

- 2.96








- 0.95




Table 2 : Cumulative Comparison:



£ Amount (M)



Cumulative Pressures


Cumulative Savings




Cumulative Grant /ASC precept




Cumulative Gap


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