Tenants paying twice for grass cutting-or not in this case!


Walking back from visiting a tenant last week, the grass outside Cumberland House on the corner of Middlesex Drive and Whaddon Way was uncut, it was nearly a metre high.

This was strange as the grass on the other corner of Middlesex Drive and across Whaddon Way had been cut back.

It’s not our land.

On raising the matter with officers it turns out that the land around Cumberland House is owned by the Council’s Housing Department and therefore is not part of the main grass cutting contracts!    

West Bletchley councillor Nigel Long said, “I was amazed by this explanation. It means the left hand of the council does not know what the right hand is doing. It’s a nonsense that grass cutters drive past areas of long grass. But it gets worse.”

Tenants paying twice.

What it means is that the tenants or leaseholders pay for grass cutting in their council tax, but the area  outside their flats is not maintained. They then pay for the grass cutting through their rent. They pay twice.

Cllr Nigel Long added, “I believe it is wrong that tenants will be paying for grass cutting through their rent and then a second time within the council tax. I believe that tenants who have been double charged  should get their money back. I have now raised this matter with Council Housing boss Cllr Peter Geary.”

In the longer term it would make more sense to do all the grassed areas together.

Cllr Long concluded, “I think the Council needs to review how the grass cutting works. It makes sense that if a grass cutter is in a road they do all the grassed areas. To leave bits out seems bonkers.”