Time to consult on Whalley Drive Speeding Traffic as 85% reject 20mph.

Residents of Whalley Drive and the closes off it have long been concerned about speeding traffic.


Cllr Mick Legg who chairs the West Bletchley Parish Council 20mph working group looking at reducing speeding limits, has undertaken a survey of residents in Whalley Drive and related roads. 85% of the residents responding said “No” This gives a big Thumbs Down to the idea of a 20mph speeding limit.


Labour Parish Councillor Dr Arun Vaidyanathan was so concerned about the idea of a 20mph limit that he spoke to dozens of residents and led a deputation to the parish council to challenge the idea that 20mph was a possible solution. The parish council agreed that consultation was needed with all residents. Cllr Legg was asked to do further work on the way forward.     


Speeding data provided to Cllr Legg by Milton Keynes Council however highlights that Whalley Drive is a major problem when it comes to speeding traffic. Cllr Legg said, “There is a problem, but 20 mph is not the solution preferred by the residents. The police said it was an unenforceable proposal on this major road. So the question is, what is the best solution to this fast road?”


Cllr Legg believes that residents must be consulted on the best way to reduce the speed of the road. He does not support road humps, but believes that other options are possible. These include:

  • Road narrowing.
  • Improved signage.
  • CCTV cameras.
  • Speed Indicator Devices.



He concluded, “The traffic on this road goes too fast. A lot of it is people from outside the area cutting through to the train station and to Central Bletchley. We need to find a solution. That is why I am doing further consultation with residents and calling upon  the parish and city councils to do the same.”