Time to demolish and clear up White Hart eyesore

The burnt out derelict White Hart pub on the corner of Whaddon Way and Shenley road is an eyesore and residents are tired of looking at it.   

The site was due to be developed by a developer, called the Cambian Group, as a mental health support centre. (This is one of two ‘live’ planning approvals for the site.)

They were given planning permission on the 16 February 2012. Since then the site and the burnt out pub have been left to rot. Apart from making the perimeter fencing more secure the site has been left untouched.

Cllr Nigel Long is demanding that Milton Keynes Council take action to address the state of the burnt out property and site.

He is calling upon the Council to use its powers under section 215 of the Town and Country Planning Act . According to advice he has received from senior planning enforcement officers, this would allow the council to use its powers to deal with the derelict site and property. The powers allow the Council to require the building to be demolished.   

Cllr Long said, “The old White Hart pub is a real eyesore; residents did not support the planning applications for the site. But we are concerned that nothing has happened to improve the site since the private company got the go ahead. I believe they should have pulled the building down not just left it to rot.”

Cllr Long added, “It may be that the proposed development is not viable in the current economic climate  and that because they have planning permission for three years they are biding their time. But that is not faIr on residents who have to put up with this eyesore.”

Cllr Long wants Milton Keynes Council to intervene and force the developer to pull down the building using their Section 215 powers.

He concluded, “I want the Council to act of this eyesore and use its powers to demolish the building. In the longer term I hope that Cambian Group might look to sell the site or swop it with another more appropriate Council owned site. It could then be used for a better purpose such as meeting local needs. OAP bungalows would be a better use. ”