Tories should apologise to local charities

Labour has called upon the Tory Council leader to apologise for offensive comments made by a member of the ruling group.


At the first meeting of the Budget Review Committee on Monday 3  October one Tory councillor talked about the fact that Council shouldn’t be “haemorrhaging money to charities.”


Labour councillors were shocked at such an offensive comment. It highlights a disregard for the valuable work charities do in Milton Keynes.


Other Tory councillors present failed to correct the appalling statement and therefore Labour is calling upon the Tory Council leader to apologise to Milton Keynes charities.


Labour Deputy Leader Cllr Nigel Long, who was listening to the meeting from the public gallery said:


“I cannot think of time in the 24 years since I was first elected that a councillor has ever spoken so offensively about charities. The Tory Council leader must apologise to the many charities working in our city.”


Whilst the Tory councillor concerned Lee Barney, may be one of a new breed of hard right councillors, his more experienced colleagues also failed to correct his inappropriate language.


Cllr Long concluded, “The Tory leader must apologise and consider if Cllr Barney is a suitable person to be on the important Budget Review committee.”