Vikas Chandra: Monkston

Vikas Chandra: Monkston

Campaigning to ensure social justice for all

I’m your Labour representative for Monkston, which includes the areas of Monkston Park, Monkston, Kents Hill, Walnut Tree, Walton and Walton Park. I want to see this area thrive, so I would like to be on hand to inform, consult, and campaign for each and every household in the ward.

I moved to Milton Keynes from London in 2013, and now this beautiful city is my home town. Many of my neighbours work at the Open University where I studied, and so the area and its residents feel like an extension of my home and family.

I came into politics so I can work closely with residents in the ward to develop policy ideas that will address the challenges facing the economy, health, education, housing, transport, and security.

Although I am new to politics, I have been a teacher, lawyer and social scientist. The experience I’ve gained has given me an insight into the challenges of social life in a post-industrial complex society like ours. I want to put my experience to use, and to contribute to desirable changes in society.

Whilst working at the London School of Economics and Political Science, I began to develop an interest in politics as a tool to bring about change. I joined the Labour Party in London and, when I moved to Milton Keynes, I joined the local executive committee as a diversity officer.

Last year, in my role as a diversity officer, I worked with Labour Party Councillors to produce a video about the challenges of engaging the ethnic minority electorate. This widened the debate amongst local members. Making the video was an exciting journey, and the video itself was well-received. Party members felt better informed about the intricacies of understanding ethnic minority electors, and the challenges faced by ethnic minority candidates and councillors when contesting elections.

I strongly believe in Labour values of fairness, justice and equality. I have been an advocate and lawyer for vulnerable citizens requiring access to legal justice, and now I have a strong plan for campaigning for vulnerable sections of society requiring access to social justice.

I am currently developing a series of surveys for the residents of Monkston ward that will engage you more deeply with the politics of some of the biggest challenges in society such as health, education, housing and transport. These are featured monthly in the newly created Monkston Ward Labour newsletter. My blog,, provides additional information.

My main priority is to improve communication between residents and members of the Labour party. I want to ensure that you have access to the channels you need to raise issues and opportunities, and to speak your mind. Improving the ways we communicate with you will lead to better decision-making when it comes to ongoing projects in the ward, like the proposed development of Kents Hill Park.

I live here, and the issues that affect you affect me directly. I have the highest levels of motivation to keep improving life in the ward. I believe that my experience and professional training in economics, social policy and law will put me in a good position to represent your needs effectively.

You can contact me on:




Telephone: 07445869325

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