We want bungalows on new empty site.

We want bungalows on new empty site.


When a community based garden centre went out of business  earlier this year a large site tucked away between  Middlesex Drive and Whaddon Way was abandoned.


The site became overgrown; there were reports of vandalism and people entering the site and camping out. A fox moved in and the trees became overgrown.


Residents called in local councillor Nigel Long and he has worked with Milton Keynes Council to get some action on the site. In an officer e mail dated 2 December the Council has agreed to clear the site in January. 


“Thanks Martin.  Contents noted – we’ll look forward to you clearing the site early in the New Year. It’s a big job you’ve taken on – very good luck!! Let me know a little beforehand and I’ll make sure I get the keys available to the plant nursery site ready in time for you to collect. Best Wishes. “Area Housing Manager.


Whilst this is good news the big issue remains what to do with a large site with good access.  Cllr Nigel Long is calling for a new development of OAP bungalows to be built on the site:


“I believe that the Council could build at least 10 two bedroom council bungalows on the site. There is a huge need locally for such accommodation and one side of the site is already OAP bungalows.”


Cllr Long was responsible for opening the last new development of new bungalows for OAPs in 1991 at Scotney Gardens. That close is a wonderful success story.


Cllr Long concluded, “I have written to the Cabinet Boss for Housing asking him to allocate this site for OAP bungalows subject to public consultation. I have spoken to local residents and they seem to support the idea It will allow a derelict site to be used. I am sure Cabinet Boss Peter Geary will listen to local people on this one.”