Welcome Action at Dangerous Junction.

The dangerous junction between Whalley Drive and Whaddon Way has now had double yellow lines painted on the roads. This will make it much safer according to residents and local councillors.


Local Cllrs Mick Legg, Nigel Long and Dr Arun Vaidyanathan had pushed for the double yellow lines in response to local residents demands to tackle what was widely seen as a very, very dangerous junction.


Cllr Mick Legg, who has pushed for the lines over a long period, said, “I was so pleased when the lines were painted. Residents were calling us within hours of the lines going in.”


Whilst the new lines are really welcome, Cllr Legg, having visited the junction wants to see them slightly extended further down Whalley Drive.


Cllr Legg added, “I would like to thank Milton Keynes Council and West Bletchley Town Council for their work in helping to make the junction safer. I am seeking one further bit of action to slightly extend the length of the double yellow lines in Whalley Drive.”      


Cllr Legg concluded, “The introduction of double yellow lines is good news. It shows the benefits of partnership working and of councillors doing surveys and listening to residents.”