West Bletchley Parking the Big issue

Lack of car parking is the biggest issue for West Bletchley residents.

 Cllr Mick LeggWest Bletchley parish councillors Mick Legg and Nigel Long have undertaken extensive survey work over the past six months and have visited every house in the Westminster Drive area and the Sutherland Grove areas. 


Cllr Mick Legg said, “There is no doubt that the lack of parking is the biggest local issue in our community. It was raised by every other person when I talked to the residents of Westminster Drive and the closes recently. On top of the several hundred survey forms we have had back over the last 6 months, I am clear that improving parking provision is very important.”  

Mick Legg has decided to grab the bull by the horns and is proposing a number of actions to address the problem:

 1.He has delivered a further follow up survey to residents of Westminster Drive and closes.

 2.He told the Parish Council Environment sub-committee that he was placing the matter before the Parish Council.

 3.   He wants Milton Keynes Council with the Parish Council to undertake a review of the   number of new parking bays needed to meet local demand.

 4.He wants the Parish Council to fund new parking bays on a match funded basis withMilton Keynes Council. Last year the MKC fund was under-spent.

 5.   He has written to MKC Transport boss Cllr John Bint seeking action on this matter.

 6.Setting up an on-line petition.

 Cllr Legg concluded, “We need action on the lack of parking in West Bletchley. MKC has some money it has not spent; the parish has some funds. Let’s bring them together and start to put in more parking spaces.”