Why leave half a roof?

Elaine Wales was meeting residents in Chester Close when one resident showed her the strange work of a council contractor.


In the rear yard of a block of flats, numbers 24-30, is a block of storage sheds. Six months ago, Council contractors removed the roof covering half of the sheds. This meant that some storage sheds have been left open to the weather and half remain covered.


One resident explained the problem to Elaine Wales. The contractors came and did half a job, then never came back to replace the missing roof. The roof might have been an asbestos based one.


Cllr Elaine Wales said, “The council has a problem with privatised services and matters are often bad in the housing service where there appears to be little control over contractors and no inspection of their work.”


Cllr Elaine Wales concluded, “The action of the Council’s contractor is bizarre and the failure to replace the missing roof is beyond belief. If the other part of the roof is also defective, then the whole roof should have been repaired or replaced.  This should not take six months and the Council must apologise and compensate the tenants whose roofs have been removed.”   


  • Cllr Wales has asked Cllr Nigel Long to raise with the Council. He did that on the 17 October.