Wolverton Train station Fiasco

Independent Emergency audit needed to protect public purse.

 Milton Keynes Council is heading for a huge overspend on its contribution to the upgrading of Wolverton railway station.

At the Budget review meeting on Monday 17 September, under questioning, it became clear that the council was facing a huge and growing bill for the work to the station.

The Council’s treasurer told the meeting that the overspend was heading to £500,000. This growing problem comes at a time when the Council faces making millions of pounds of cuts as a result of Government austerity. 

Cllr Pete Marland said, “The Cabinet boss for finance, Edith Bald must get a grip on the overspend. She must get on top of this fiasco. Failure to do so will mean bigger cuts elsewhere. This is very bad.” 

Labour want an Emergency audit, by an independent person, of the costs of the station to Milton Keynes residents.

Cllr Marland concluded, “The growing overspend is a growing problem and looks like being paid for by cuts to other services. What is worse is that there is no evidence that the Council boss is on top of the problem. I think that she must deal with the matter. We need an independent Emergency audit to understand what went wrong and to protect the public purse.”